Hello everyone! I have been a very busy woman. Let me tell you why. I want to introduce you to my World of Entertainment. My name is Norma Jean A.K.A. "Jina Ink". Tejano News. I created my Web Magazine 7 years ago, and I've been establishing myself in the Tejano Market, communicating and cultivating Hispanics in the Music Market.

I've spent several years exploring the roots and cultures of the engineers in Music and Legacies of Musical Historians, past and present.

I've enjoyed visiting new bands, and traveling through the States finding future rising stars. I grew up in a small town (New Gulf Texas) near Houston and now calling San Antonio Texas my home. Since my move to San Antonio, I've been an active volunteer; supporting a variety of charitable events worldwide and have been an advocate for the Tejano Industry.

You can find my whole world by visiting my website at www.MyTejanoRadio.com

I created Jina Ink Enterprises as a web magazine so that I could be the infrastructure in the Tejano Scene, utilizing all networks to join forces, making Tejano a Nation World Wide in Music. I am so please to say, I have met nothing but genuine hard working Promoters, Radio Personalities, Writers, Artists, and Musicians to say the least. I wanted to simply thank everyone I've befriended, and those I haven’t met yet.

Being an Icon in the community has given me such great ability to be better for you "the Fans" of Music. I've come along way by 1st, being a spectator to now a business owner, a writer, and a role model for Hispanic Women around the world. I get invited to a lot of Events Nation Wide, and I apologize that we can't make them all; but we do appreciate all invitations.

I want to introduce to you NEW to San Antonio - JTMX Tejano Music Express. My new Tejano Radio Station.

I got the Honor of working for Margo Morones from Tejano Merchandise at Market Square, and to Jerry D’s Radio Show (K.W.L.N. La Nueva 103.3 and 92.1) in Washington, these Radio Stations gave me my wings to be an Independent Tejano News Radio Personality. It gave me structure and strong work ethics, I now carry. After working for numerous businesses I decided that it was time to venture in one location, so it would be easy for you to locate my work, that way we wouldn’t have any conflict of interests with the Jina Ink projects. I’m going to start including the public into my topics on my shows, as well as interviewing people choice on Music. My Radio Station has many local talent and rising stars from all over the U.S.

So please visit and enjoy the tunes I’ve provided for you.

Also I am proud to announce that I work alongside these great musicians… The bands are Conjunto Volcan, Lisa Marie Sharp, Anthony Hernandez, George Rivas, Lidia, John Hernandez, Joe Jama, and the Tejano Crew in San Antonio Texas.

I’m a Journalist and owner of Jina ink Enterprises. Consists of creating and designing a biography fit for your type of work, photography for your events or profile, and an editor and a writer for S.A. Street Talk Magazine and associated with La Prensa De San Antonio in San Antonio Texas.

If you’re new to my website, and you’re in the music market; I'm here to make your dreams reversed!

If you’re in the Music Business or Theatre Arts, I've just made it simple for you to promote your work on my website, by using my Event Gallery too.

The key to this Tejano Industry is educating and expanding by learning The Tejano Culture, and uniting the History past and present for the legacy, Leadership represents a tremendous commitment and the highest standards I wish to conduct. Thank you for continuous support and if you see me in the crowd when I’m at any event; please stop by and say hello. I look forward to meeting all of you.

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